Giuseppe Armani Mother Collectibles

The Giuseppe Armani mother pieces are some of the most sought after Mother's Day gifts on the market. Giuseppe Armani sculpted many pieces with mothers as the them that expressed the love a mother has for her child. His beautiful sculpted figurines portray several ways in which a mother's love can be expressed. His ability to manipulate the characteristics of his material gave collectors some of the most beautiful expressions of a mother love to display.

SIGNED Giuseppe Armani LOVING ARMS Maternity Mother Child 1993 Events Figurine


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Giuseppe Armani Italy Figurine SITTING LADY BABY MOTHER CHILD Artist Signed


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MOTHERS HAND 145 Mother Child Figurine Giuseppe Armani 1008 T 1993 MIB


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Giuseppe Armani BLACK MATERNITY African Mother and Child MIB


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Giuseppe Armani BLACK MATERNITY African Mother and Child


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Giuseppe Armani ROSETTE 0300C MOTHERS DAY 1999 Girl w Roses Figurine


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Giuseppe Armani CAPODIMONTE MOTHER AND BABY w Original Box


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Italy Giuseppe Armani Florence Figurine MATERNITY Mother Child 0405 F New


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Giuseppe Armani Soft Kiss Mother and Child


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The Mother and Infant figurine is a beautiful portrayal of a mother's love for her infant. The statuette shows a mother holding her infant child with love in her eyes.

The Mother Breast Feeding shows the bonding of an infant with the mother while she holds him/her close. This piece shows the tenderness a mother has while also giving nourishment to her infant.

Expectations is another beautiful piece he sculpted depicting an older child with her mother. It shows a little girl looking up into her mother's eyes.

Giuseppe Armani also created several plaques depicting the mother and child relationship. The plaques are unique and beautifully done with attention to detail and telling the story of not only the love of the mother but the love of the child for the mother.

Giuseppe Armani was born in 1935 in Italy. As a small child he was always drawing and creating art. Those around him knew he was destined to be an artist. His attention to detail and his ability to create realistic images amazed those in his family. His work was inspired by the 16 Century Florentine Renaissance. The figurines he sculpted had a beauty and flow that was whimsical and magical. They were full of romance, inspiration, and elegance. His attention to detail brought his sculptures to life. He infused that extra touch of flair, beauty, and grace to every piece he sculpted.

He suffered a massive stroke on October 28, 2006 and died as a result. He will be remembered for the way he was able to see beauty in things around him and bring it to life in his sculptures, sharing it with the rest of the world. He was able to capture many styles of art in his figurines. He made classical, traditional, and contemporary pieces. He was able to bring to life the playful, whimsical, and realistic attributes of his subjects. He had unique talents to bring such beautiful sculptures from materials such as wood, clay, alabaster, and marble.

The Giuseppe Armani Mother figurines are a wonderful and delightful way to show your mother that you know how much she loves you on Mother's Day, and, actually everyday!