Giuseppe Armani

Born in 1935 in Caci, Italy, the great master sculptor, Guiseppe Armani was drawing as soon as he was able to pick up a pencil. As a youth Guiseppe Armani was inspired by the great masterpieces of the Renaissance. He also had the amazing gift of infusing life, character and soul into his own works. He chose wood, clay, alabaster, and marble as the mediums to showcase his creations. Armani's genius was recognized right away and many offered him the opportunity to create for them exclusively. He brought beauty and joy into those who viewed his work, as well as all who were Giuseppe Armani Collectibles collectors.

At a young age, he was initially enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence when his father died unexpectedly. He had to suddenly put his dreams on hold as he remained at home to help his family instead. Even while he was at home, Armani was recognized as a natural talent and it did not take long for him to get back on track.

His work was entered in an exhibition of young artists. His entry was a classical male torso sculpted with extraordinary anatomical precision. His talent was recognized right away. He was consequently offered work in Pisa. When he worked in the Art Gallery in Pisa, he often traveled to Siena and Florence

Guiseppe Armani gave the spark of life to each of his creations. He soon added to his traditional Capodimonte style. His long list of fans continued to grow. He gave life to the inanimate clay.

Guiseppe Armani's breathtaking realism continues to amaze. Armani's figurines have attracted people from all over the world. In 1996, it was Armani himself who presented his "Madonna with Child and Young Saint John," to Pope John Paul II. That same year, Armani was honored with a private tour of the White House. He presented his work called "Wild Hearts" to President Bill Clinton. President Clinton kept "Wild Hearts" on view in the oval office.

Guiseppe Armani was voted Artist of the Year by the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers and with the Award of Excellence for his 1996 Masterwork, "Aurora."

Suddenly on Saturday, the 28th of October 2006, he passed away as the result of a massive stroke. He spent more than twenty five years weaving his daring, contemporary, and whimsical style. He gave us figurines of multi-dimensions, filled with character, spirit and soul. He valued family, music and his art most of all. One of his most admired pieces, "The Three Graces" was created during the last year of his life. The quality is so exceptional that it is now only the fifth sculpture that has ever been included in the famous Masterworks Collection. Guiseppe Armani Collectibles have brought much joy to people throughout the world.